Grievance Reporting

A guide to formally handling and reporting behavior inconsistent the WRA Code of Conduct and sports guidelines

What is the WRA Code of Conduct?

The mission of the Whitpain Recreation Association (WRA) is to firmly implant in our community’s boys and girls the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage, and respect for authority. Members of the WRA include children, parents, coaches, and other individuals who serve the association and participate on a volunteer basis. Our Code of Conduct acts as a compass, establishing a standard of behavior for these members, while outlining our collective commitment to this mission.

How should members address the actions or behavior of a parent, coach, volunteer, or player that are inconsistent with its mission or sports guidelines?

When these actions or behaviors are associated with a WRA event, the WRA Board strongly encourages the management and resolution of grievances at a team or sport level, or lowest level whenever possible. For example, a parent with a question or concern related to a coach’s decision, philosophy, or coaching style can most often find resolution by speaking to the coach, as volunteers are generally interested in providing the best experience possible for players.

However, the Board recognizes that certain situations may not be satisfactorily resolved without intervention at a higher level within the organization. As such, members of the WRA are asked to follow the Grievance Procedure outlined below.

WRA Grievance Procedure

In order to file a grievance, a person must be a “Player Member” or “Voting Member” of the WRA as defined in Section 201 of its Corporation By-laws. Voting Members, which include parents or guardians of active players, as well as coaches, officials, and commissioners must be able to demonstrate that the alleged Code of Conduct violation or sport guideline violation has had an adverse impact on them.

All grievances should be communicated in writing within 7 days of the incident. If you’re a voting member other than a parent or guardian, for example a coach or referee, skip to step 2.

STEP 1: Member communicates grievance to head coach in an attempt to resolve the issue at a team level.

STEP 2: Member communicates grievance to appropriate Intramural Commissioner or Travel Sports Coordinator

STEP 3: If still unresolved, member elevates grievance to the sport’s Committee Chairperson

STEP 4: If unresolved by the Committee Chairperson, member elevates grievance to the WRA’s VP of Operations

STEP 5: Pursuant to Section 203 of its Corporation By-Laws, the WRA Executive Board will review the grievance, as presented by the VP of Operations, to determine by majority vote whether the actions of the member alleged to be in violation of its Code of Conduct or sport guidelines were detrimental to the Corporation, warranting disciplinary action. Possible corrective actions include:

  1. Verbal warning from the VP of Operations, before grievance is elevated to the Executive Board
  2. Suspension from WRA activities, up to a two-week period
  3. Expulsion from WRA participation for remainder of sport season
  4. Expulsion from WRA participation, in all sport activities, for up to a year
  5. Other actions deemed appropriate by the Board for the particular situation

STEP 6: Pursuant to Sections 203, 204, and 205 of its Corporation By-Laws, if the majority agrees that a disciplinary action should be taken, a subject meeting will be called, and appropriate parties will be invited, providing them an opportunity to appear before the Board.

Finding Contact Info

For your head coach: Log into your TeamSnap account and be sure the appropriate sports team is selected. To access contact information, select his or her name from the “Roster” tab.

For an intramural commissioner or travel sports coordinator: Go to the main menu above and select the appropriate sports program under “Intramural” or “Travel.” Contact information should be provided on the program’s page.

For a sports committee chair or the VP of Operations: Go to the main menu above, select “About Us,” and then select “Board of Directors.” Or simply click here.


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