WRA Baseball proudly announces a significant milestone in its ongoing commitment to honor those who have served our nation. In a heartfelt ceremony at Wentz Run Park, the organization paid tribute to the first nine veterans with ties to Whitpain or the WRA to be included on the Veterans Wall.

These distinguished individuals were celebrated for their selfless service and unwavering dedication to our country. Each honoree’s name and branch of service were immortalized on individualized plaques, now prominently displayed on the Honor Wall outside the dugouts at Veterans Field.

The ceremony was a poignant moment for the Whitpain community, underscoring the profound gratitude felt towards those who have sacrificed for our freedoms. Through this initiative, WRA Baseball seeks to ensure that the legacy of these brave men and women endures for generations to come.

“We are honored to recognize these remarkable individuals who have served our nation with such distinction,” said Jim Viscanti, Chair of WRA Baseball. “Their courage and sacrifice embody the values that we hold dear as a community. By including them on the Veterans Wall, we pay tribute to their enduring legacy and express our deepest gratitude.”

The Veterans Wall at Wentz Run Park stands as a testament to the courage and sacrifice of those who have served. WRA Baseball remains committed to expanding this tribute to include all deserving veterans with ties to Whitpain or the WRA.