This spring, WRA and Smart Soccer continue their longstanding partnership by offering another spring soccer season for our players. The spring season comprises once a week sessions including skills and small-sided games with the emphasis on FUN!


Register your kids to play!

Register yourselves to volunteer!


As in the past spring seasons a professional trainer from Smart Soccer will work with each age group of players assisted by WRA volunteers. Activities will be FUN, age appropriate and each session will conclude with small sided games. There are no preset teams for the Spring season but the trainers will arrange teams at each event. The Preschool events will last 45 minutes and parents are required to assist their child on the field.


The season is scheduled to begin the week of April 1 concluding the week of May 20. If any events need to be rescheduled due to weather would be in the last week of May or the first week of June. The planned weekly schedule is as follows, please note there may be necessary adjustments to this schedule based on final registration numbers. There will be a preseason coaches meeting during the last week of March.


Venue: Shady Grove Elementary School



5:45 pm: 3rd-4th grade co-ed skills

5:45 pm: Pre-K (4 year old) skills 5:45 pm: 1st and 2nd grade skills 9:00 am: Pre-K (3 year old)skills
6:45 pm: 5th-6th grade co-ed skills 6:45 pm: K (5 year old) skills 6:45 pm: 1st and 2nd grade skills 10:00 am (depending on registration numbers): Pre-K (3 year old) skills


Events cancelled due to weather may be rescheduled into June. The Spring Soccer Directors will communicate those details.


Volunteers are needed for all divisions!


We will organize pickup games for our 3rd grade and older players depending on the availability of our volunteers. If you can lend a hand and help the kids organize themselves for the games and can help them form competitive teams, please register to volunteer and we’ll be happy to have help organizing pickup games. These sessions will play from early April until the end of May and last 60-90 minutes depending on what the kids want and will be scheduled by the Spring Soccer Directors and they will communicate those details. Players may participate in any of the pickup sessions which are convenient for them. Depending on attendees at the games they may be divided by gender by the volunteers at those events.


For these pickup soccer events we will need parent volunteers to organize and monitor these games. These Volunteers will organize the field while the kids warm up and then help pick teams so the games are competitive and fun. The games will take place on lined fields at Shady Grove Elementary.


If you have any other questions about WRA IM Soccer, please reach out to the Chairperson, Paul Laub, and he can answer your questions.