Join us November 11th & 12th, at the Wissahickon High School and Middle School complex and Shady Grove Elementary School in Ambler, PA and the Center Square Park complex in Blue Bell, PA, for the 4th annual WRA Fall Select Invitational.

Poised to become one of the largest Fall Weekend Rec Select Tournaments, the Fall Select Invitational is open to boys & girls teams ages U8-U19 (see eligibility rules) and will consist of round robin games.

The number of brackets per age group will vary based upon the number of tournament entries.

First and second place teams will receive trophies!


How to Register

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Team Eligibility

To be eligible, all teams must be true Intramural/Recreation Soccer teams already registered with their state association. During the invitational, participating players can only play for one team. Teams should be organized as follows:

  • U8 – ( 2016) 7 v 7, 12 roster max
  • U9 –   (2015-2016)  7 v 7,  12 roster max
  • U10 – (2014)  7 v 7,  12 roster max
  • U12 – (2012-2013)  9 v 9,  16 roster max
  • U14 – (2010-2011)  11 v 11,  22 roster max
  • U16 – (2008-2009)  11 v 11,  22 roster max
  • U19 – (2005-2007) 11 v 11,  22 roster max

PLEASE NOTE: Teams that fail to adhere to the eligibility rules stated above are subject to forfeit of their scheduled tournament matches without reimbursement of fees.


Uniforms and Equipment

All players and teams must wear matching uniforms consisting of a jersey, shorts, socks, shin guards and footwear. Pants will be allowed for goalies. Uniforms must have a number on the back.


Team Check-In

Coaches are required to have a copy of their roster and the medical release forms (off of the EPSYA website) with them. These documents should be available upon request for inspection.

Coaches and players, as well as spectators, may not enter a field of play, at any time, unless requested to do so by the referee. Only players and coaches will be permitted on the field or in the bench area.


Game Schedule

  • All teams will have at least three games
  • Girls will play on Saturday, November 11th
  • Boys will play on Sunday, November 12th
  • Games will be viewed by and messages will be viewed on Tournament Team Snap
  • Games cancelled due to weather can be rescheduled by the event director on a future scheduled day. Most likely the following weekend.
  • Teams will be refunded 50% of their registration fee if any event that is fully cancelled


Field Locations


Girls Divisions – Games Sat, November 11th

  • U8, 7v7, 12 Teams
  • U9, 7v7, 6 Teams
  • U10, 7v7, 6 Teams
  • U12, 9v9, 6 Teams
  • U14, 11v11, 6 Teams
  • U16, 11v11, 6 Teams
  • U19, 11v11, 6 Teams


Boys Divisions – Games Sun, November 12th

  • U8, 7v7, 12 Teams
  • U9, 7v7, 6 Teams
  • U10, 7v7, 6 Teams
  • U12, 9v9, 6 Teams
  • U14, 11v11, 6 Teams
  • U16, 11v11, 6 Teams
  • U19, 11v11, 6 Teams


Pregame Activity

No players are allowed to be on the field if not playing a game. Players must leave the field immediately following their game. Referees will call for team captains prior to tap off. A coin flip will determine direction of play and tap.

Winner of the coin toss chooses the goal to defend. The opposing team gets the kick off. Teams have 10-minute warm-ups on the field of play. Games will follow a schedule and there is no flexibility to change.


Game Rules

  • All games shall be played in accordance with EPYSLA and US Soccer rules, except for divisions with specific modified rules
  • Games will remain playing during weather events unless lightning is seen
  • Regardless of any weather conditions, players and coaches must be on the field at the scheduled playing time, and ready to play
  • Forfeits will be awarded if a play has not started within eight minutes of the starting time as determined by the referee
  • A minimum of eight players must be played for an 11v11 Game, six players must exist for a 9v9 game, five players must exist for a 7v7 game
  • A forfeited match will be recorded as a 2-0 score
  • Event directors may modify a scheduled start time for any match or decrease the time of scheduled match prior to the start of a game
  • All 9v9/11v11 games will be two 25-minute halves with a five minute half time
  • 7v7 games will be 20 minute Halves with a five minute half time
  • There will be unlimited substitutions with permission from the referee
  • Substitutions can occur on the teams throw in, goal kick, or score (9v9 and 11v11 games only)
  • Teams can piggyback off the other team’s substitution
  • A team losing by four goals can add one player on the field


Additional Rules

  • No heading in any games except U14-U19
  • U8 – U10 will be permitted to have one additional throw in if the first one fails
  • Incidental handballs in the penalty box will result in an indirect kick
  • Players may cross their arms to protect their chest on a throw in. It will not be considered a handball; as long as their arms are on their chest before the ball is  thrown in. Arms/Elbows can not be lifted towards the ball.
  • Hand Balls will only be called if it benefits the team.


Code of Conduct

Players, coaches and spectators are expected to conduct themselves within the spirit of the game. Coaches are responsible for their players’ conduct, but not spectators. Any player, coach, or spectator who is ejected by the referee for fighting will be banned for further participation in the event and must leave the facility complex immediately.

The event committee reserves the right to terminate the participation of any team, player, coach, or fan if their behavior creates an atmosphere in which a match or matches cannot be completed within the spirit and safety of the game.

No Spectators are to be on the end lines or behind the goals.


Yellow or Red Cards

Any player, coach, or spectator that is cautioned (yellow card) twice during any given game, shall receive a red card and will be ineligible to participate in the remainder of that match and may not participate in the next match. If any player, coach, or spectator is sent off the field of play (dismissed/red card) by a referee for any reason other than fighting, that player, coach, and/or spectator is ineligible to participate in the remainder of that match and may not participate in the next match. The player, coach or spectator must leave the field of play. Referees are instructed to record the player’s name, number, team and reason for the caution or send-off and present the information to the Field Marshal.


Standing Point System

Depending on the volume of teams in any given bracket and/or flight, standings points may be used to determine champion & second place in lieu of a playoff/championship game.

Teams will be awarded points on the following basis:

  • Six (6) points for each Win (or a game forfeited to them)
  • Two (2) points for a tie
  • Zero (0) points for a Loss
  • One (1) point for each goal scored up to a max of three (3) per game. Losing team receives points also.
  • One (1) point for each shutout
  • Minus One (-1) for each player or coach ejected


  • A 0-0 tie will be scored as 3 points for each team (2 for tie, 1 for shutout)
  • A 4-2 game will be scored as 9 points for the winning team (6 for win, 3 for goals) and 2 points to the losing team (2 for goals)
  • A forfeited game will be scored 2-0 and the winner will be awarded 9 points (6 for the win, 2 for goals, and 1 for a shutout)


Determining the Flight Winner

  • At the end of the preliminary rounds, the flight winner will be the team with the most points in their flight. In the event of a tie within a flight, the following criteria will be used to determine the winner:
    1. Head to head competition (if there is a 3 team tie, proceed to the next tie breaker), then
    2. Goal Differential (maximum of 4 per game), then
    3. Most Wins, then
    4. Most Goals Scored (maximum of 4 per game), then
    5. Fewest Goals Allowed (up to 4 per game), then
    6. FIFA penalty kicks (at least 30 minutes prior to any scheduled play-off round game) 5 players chosen that were on the field at the end of regulation of the team’s last game. A goalie can be used as a Shooter and Keeper.
  • Example: Team A defeats Team B by a score of 6-1. Team A receives a +4 for goal differential, a -1 for goals allowed, and a +4 for goals scored. Team B receives a -4 for goal differential, a -4 for goals allowed and a +1 for goals scored.
  • If three or more teams still tied after all the above tie-breaking criteria is used, and penalty kicks are needed to determine which team(s) advance to a playoff round, the following rules will apply:
    1. The three (or more) teams will compete in a FIFA style PK round-robin competition (ex. A vs B, A vs C, B vs C) to determine a winner (and runner-up if needed).
    2. Each team must take the minimum of 5 kicks during the round robin competition in case the additional tie-breaker scenario below is required.
  • If two or more teams are still tied after the round-robin PK competition (win=3 pts, loss=0 pts), the following PK tie breakers will be used to determine the team(s) that advance:
    1. Most PK goals scored for each team during the first 5 rounds of each PK round‐ robin contest
    2. Least PK goals allowed during the first 5 rounds of each PK round‐ robin contest
  • In the event of a tie among three (3) or more teams, once a tie is broken by the above system, and if ties among remaining teams still must be decided, those ties would be broken by starting again from the top (i.e. head to head competition) of the tie-breaking procedure.
  • In the event that a Wild Card team must be selected for a semi‐ final game, the above procedure will be used across the entire flight.



Individual awards will be given to the champions of each division. Awards will be given out after the game at the Champions Tent.


DISCLAIMER: In the event a situation arises that is not covered by the above guidelines and rules, the event director reserves the right to rule on any issue with the referees. All decisions by the event director shall be final and binding.


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TeamSnap Tournaments link now active!